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COVID- 19 Taking The Place Back on The World

The Covid-19 has emerged again as a heavy alert. No single measurement can accurately capture the current of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, but a variety of variables combined give a fuller picture of what is occurring right now and what may happen in the near future.

The data in the Chart is Collected from the Washington post from various centers for Disease Control and prevention and State government sites (Cases and Deaths) the department of Health and Human Services (hospitalization). All the sites does not take information from the same source there are various channel to gather data, so the number of active cases and Deaths can be differ.

Image source – washingtonpost

As we reach the Christmas weekend, the pandemic’s major indicators aren’t increasing as quickly as they were at the beginning of December. For the past week, cases have remained approximately flat across the country, and hospitalizations have started to level off following a month of steady growth.

But in other areas, the number of cases is increasing, and the Northeast is still a worrying hotspot. There are reasons to believe that the current leveling off could be transient during a period of heavy holiday gatherings and slow vaccination uptake.

As the officials responsible for keeping track of those statistics take time off for Christmas and New Year’s, case and death figures may appear to be inflated in the days to come. Holiday reporting pauses are normally not applied to hospitalization data, so it should continue to be reliable.

The Count of active new cases is the Closet thing we have to  real time quantify of the coronavirus’s reach.

In particular, early in the pandemic when testing and efficient treatments were widely accessible, health officials estimate the virus has killed more individuals than state totals suggest.

A surge in deaths often occurs one month after a rise in new cases. For instance, the death toll started to rise in August 2021 following a spike in new cases brought on by the delta variation that started in July 2021.

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