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Get prepared for extreme cold weather: Mainer Alerted

A rapid drop in temperature this weekend can cause danger.This weekend, temperatures will drop to risky levels. Are you ready?

Do you intend to spend Friday and Saturday outside? Consider bringing extra layers or postponing instead. It is predicted that the windchill may reach dangerously low — possibly historic — levels.

We frequently experience two extreme weather events at once. Most recently, the area experienced a significant snowfall deficit followed by a week of heavy snowfall. This time, the previously moderate temperatures suddenly change drastically, dropping to double digits below zero.

prepared for extreme cold weather

Temperatures will start off in the single digits on Friday morning and keep dropping. Burlington is predicted to experience lows in the negative teens by Saturday, while the Northeast Kingdom is anticipating lows of 20 below zero.

The air will feel considerably colder if there are winds in the 20 to 30 mph range. The wind chill is predicted to reach a low of -43 degrees in Burlington and -59 degrees in Mount Mansfield.

Given the moderate temperatures we’ve experienced so far this season, the National Weather Service in Burlington believes this could be a possibly historic dip.

People who will be outside and those who may be indoors but do not have enough heat should be concerned about frostbite and hypothermia. In these conditions, exposed skin has a high chance of developing frostbite, which can happen in as little as 10 minutes.

prepared for extreme cold weather 2

Make sure your automobile is in good operating shape, your home has enough fuel for heat, and you have a backup plan in case your pipes burst or your electricity goes out right away. The National Weather Service also advises keeping an eye on aging loved ones, close friends, and relatives.

Extreme lows are anticipated to pass quickly. The temperatures are expected to return to normal levels for the start of the new week on Sunday.

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