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Jaipur Low floor Bus No-2 Bhankrota to Chandpole

Low floor bus route no. 2 of Jaipur covers a 14 km journey from Bhankrota to Chandpole. Before arriving at Chandpole in the city center, the bus departs from Bhankrota and makes stops at 9 other significant locations for periods of 2 to 5 minutes each. The following are the stoppages:

Route 2 of the low-floor bus starts from Bhankrota on Sirsi Road in Jaipur and travels to Heerapura before continuing to DCM. The bus departs at DCM and travels along Kings Road into Shyam Nagar and finally Sodala. In order to continue travelling to GPO, it crosses Civil Lines Chauraha. From there, it travels past Sindhi Camp before arriving in Chandpole.

StopsDistanceEstimated Time
Bhankrota – Heerapura2.9 km8 mins
Heerapura – DCM2 km4 mins
DCM – Kings Road0.55 km3 mins
Kings Road – Shyam Nagar1 km9 mins
Shyam Nagar – Sodala1.25 km10 mins
Sodala – Civil Lines Chauraha1.4 km6 mins
Civil Lines Chauraha – GPO2.4 km16 mins
GPO – Sindhi Camp1 km9 mins
Sindhi Camp – Chandpole1.5 km7 mins

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