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Jaipur Low Floor Bus Route No – 3B Pannadhay circle to Kunda

In Jaipur, low floor bus service route 3B runs from Pannadhay Circle to Kunda over a distance of 28 km. The bus departs from Pannadhay Circle on the outskirts of Jaipur in the direction of the Sitapura Industrial Region, stopping at 12 significant intersections for 2–5 minutes each until arriving at Kunda in Amer. The following are the stoppages:

The 3B low floor bus route in Jaipur travels from Pannadhay Circle to Sheopur. It continues to go in the direction of Rambagh, passing Tonk Phatak and Sanganer Police Station in Durgapura. The bus travels to Ajmeri Gate from Rambagh. In order to get to Badi Chaupad, where the low floor bus route No. 3B continues to drive towards Jal Mahal while crossing Ramgarh Mod, From Jal Mahal, the bus goes to Amer and then reaches to Kunda.

StopsDistanceEstimated Time
Pannadhay Circle to Sheopur1.2 km10 mins
Sheopur to Sanganer Police Station2.2 km16 mins
Sanganer Police Station to Durgapura1.4 km16 mins
Durgapura to Tonk Phatak2.6 km22 mins
Tonk Phatak to Rambagh1.6 km14 mins
Rambagh to Ajmeri Gate2.9 km15 mins
Ajmeri Gate to Sanganeri Gate1 km10 mins
Sanganeri Gate to Badi Chaupad0.8 km8 mins
Badi Chaupad to Ramgarh Mod2.6 km9 mins
Ramgarh Mod to Jal Mahal3.6 km8 mins
Jal Mahal to Amer2.2 km10 mins
Amer to Kunda5.9 km15 mins

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