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Jaipur Low Floor Bus Route No-6A From Malviya Nagar to Khirni Phatak.

The 25 km route no. 6A of the low floor bus service in Jaipur connects Malviya Nagar and Khirni Phatak. The low floor bus route no. 6A departs from Malviya Nagar and stops at 21 important stops for 2–5 minutes each before arriving at Khirni Phatak. The key locations in Malviya Nagar, as well as the railroad station and SMS Hospital, a renowned hospital in the area, are all included in this itinerary. The following are the stoppages:

Starting from Malviya Nagar, Jaipur low floor bus route no. 6A travels through Sector 5, the underpass bridge, and Sectors 1-3. The bus then travels along JLN Marg on its way to Saras Dairy. On its journey to Gandhi Nagar Station, it also passes the Dainik Bhaskar office.

The bus then departs for MI Road after picking up passengers at Tonk Phatak, Rambagh, SMS Hospital, and Ajmeri Gate. The bus on route no. 6A then travels through Collectory Circle, Chinkara Canteen, Panipech, and Ambabadi before arriving at Khirni Phatak. From Chomu Pulia, the bus on route no. 6A then travels through Jhotwara.

StopsDistanceEstimated Time
Malviya Nagar to Sector 50.2 km6 mins
Sector 5 to Underpass Bridge0.8 km5 mins
Underpass Bridge to Sector 11.2 km7 mins
Sector 1 to Sector 20.7 km3 mins
Sector 2 to Sector 30.6 km2 mins
Sector 3 to Saras Dairy1 km6 mins
Saras Dairy to JLN Marg1.5 km9 mins
JLN Marg to Dainik Bhaskar1.5 km7 mins
Dainik Bhaskar to Gandhi Nagar Railway Station0.7 km3 mins
Gandhi Nagar Railway Station to Tonk Phatak1.8 km8 mins
Tonk Phatak to Rambagh2.05 km11 mins
Rambagh to SMS Hospital0.6 km4 mins
SMS Hospital to Ajmeri Gate1.7 km7 mins
Ajmeri Gate to MI Road0.45 km6 mins
MI Road to Collectory Circle1.8 km9 mins
Collectory Circle to Chinkara Canteen0.6 km6 mins
Chinkara Canteen to Panipech0.9 km12 mins
Panipech to Ambabadi1.5 km11 mins
Ambabadi to Chomu Pulia1 km5 mins
Chomu Pulia to Jhotwara2 km14 mins
Jhotwara to Khirni Phatak2.4 km12 mins

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