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Luka Doncic Goes Viral at College Football Playoff Supporting Hometown TCU

Luka Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks superstar, was in attendance at the College Football Playoff (CFP) to support his hometown team, the TCU Horned Frogs. However, his attempt to document his attendance on Instagram resulted in a hilarious and viral reaction.

As he waited for the Horned Frogs to take the field, Doncic went live on Instagram. But, as he struggled with the app, he couldn’t help but express his frustration. In a short clip, Doncic can be seen patiently watching from the sidelines, but as the TCU players are about to run onto the field, he loses his cool and says, “F— this. How do I cut this thing off?”

The viral Instagram story caused quite the reaction online, with fans expressing their love and admiration for Doncic’s sense of humor. Some joked that his former coach, Jason Kidd, knew this would happen when Doncic told him he was going live.

But, despite the technical difficulties with his Instagram, Doncic’s support for his hometown team was clear. He was seen making his prediction for the national title game, and he’s pulling for an upset, choosing TCU to beat Georgia for its first championship since 1938.

Unfortunately, TCU’s task proved to be too tall as they lost the game and the championship. Despite the disappointment for TCU fans, Luka Doncic’s spirit of supporting his hometown team is something that will be remember by the fans and even on internet where the incident went viral.

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