When will egg prices fall? 

Egg Prices haven't come down with inflation.  Here's why?

By: TheQuickStory

The price of eggs are high because of the Nationwide Bird flu outbreak. 

As well as rising food and energy costs, there are other factors contributing to the price jump. 

It is difficult for supply chain as it costs high. 

The most recent data show that dozens of eggs costs 49% of higher at this time last year. 

Overall reviewed, the recent record-high egg prices have begun to soften, but it will take time before consumers see that in the grocery store. 

Across the country, egg producers are recovering from the avian flu, and prices are expected to fall as inventories increase. 

"We're also hoping that we won't see an increase in avian flu cases in 2023," Woolstenhulme said. 

"Prices are going down slowly but will probably remain high well into the second quarter of this year before we see any relief," Frame added. 

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