Severe T- Storm Warning

Storm causes issues on local roads on Tuesday Afternoon.

Due to strong winds,Heavy rain issues occurred on some Chattanooga traffic.

Officials mentioned at 2:43 pm that few locations are closed or have limited access.

Locations are:-  – 351 Walsh Road (wires down) – 342 Whitehall Road (wires down) – 1512-2199 S. Scenic Highway (unknown hazard) – E 23rd Street at Gifford Street (wires down)

They reported back at 4:38 p.m that  2100 Cummings Hwy (unknown hazard) is also closed or have few access.

The following locations are now reopened:

– 342 Whitehall Road – 1512-2199 S Scenic Highway  – E 23rd Street at Gifford Street

Please you obey the instructions given by law enforcement, flaggers, or traffic control devices in these areas.

Our area's road conditions will only worsen as long as inclement weather persists. You should exercise extreme caution.

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