Southwest Airlines canceled 70% of their flights as passengers tried to get home. 

On the next day after Christmas, travel- heavy day, southwest Airlines canceled more than 2800 flights. Passengers got frustrated across the nation. 

The company plans to reduce days flying to recover from the winter weather, and to fly just one-third of its schedule for the next month. 

CEO Bob Jordan, Southwest told The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to operate one third of its typical schedule Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The Transportation Department also recognized Southwest's performance as unacceptable, criticizing the airline's performance.

The cancellations and delays one day after Christmas left people sleeping on airport floors, standing in hours long customer service lines, and waiting on tarmacs for hours on end. 

At the Denver international airport, the announcement was made  that new bookings would not be possible until January 3. 

The next day after christmas is the busier travel days  of the year-Although the Transportation Security Administration said last week to be busiest this year.