The 5 best ways to lose weight while having fun

1. Swimming 

Doing swimming can make you help in burning calories along with making stronger your muscles and toning your body.It is a fun and cool way to lose weight. 

2. Dancing 

If you are dance lover dancing would be your first choice over anything. Dancing with full energy can be the best way to burn some calories. Dancing for an hour burns around 400 to 500 calories. 

3. Playing Sports 

You can play any of your favorite sports with your friends. It will entertain you and make you sweat. A session for playing sports should last 30 to 60 minutes. 

4. Walk and Talk 

Wow! It seems very interesting that while walking and talking with your friend for 40-45 minutes, you can lose up to 400 calories daily. Get a friend with you who can walk and talk with you will be done with your exercise. 

5. Exercise with Friends 

Whenever you think to spend time with your friends decide a place where you all can indulge in Physical activity.