The Secrets to Sangeeta Bijlani's Stunning look at 62

Beauty Queen

In 1980, she became Miss India, but she's been a beauty queen ever since.

Aging Backward

There is no doubt that she is growing younger with each passing day. She is posting on social media and making appearances regularly.

You are what you eat

Sangeeta frequently consumes fruits and vegetables, which are loaded with vitamins good for the skin.

Au Naturel

Sangeeta adores preserving the natural order. She tries to avoid wearing makeup most of the time and only uses natural things on her face.

Shirshasana is her secret

To maintain her skin and hair health, she performs daily headrests, or shirshasana.

Swears by this oil concoction

In 15 days, Sangeeta Bijlani uses ¼ castor oil and ¾  coconut oil on her hair.

Lemon for skin and hair

She frequently scrubs her face with lemon peel and frequently uses lemon juice on her hair, which she then washes after 20 minutes.

Dries her hair Naturally

According to Sangeeta, using a hairdryer to dry one's hair is one of the major grooming sins, and one should only let their hair air dry.

Her Beauty Secrets

The best-kept beauty secrets of Sangeeta are revealed here.