Top 9 Funny Instagram accounts to follow

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By: TheQuickStory

Kusha Kapila

She is a popular Internet personality. She makes laugh out loud everyone with her on point humor.

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Sakshi Shivdasani

With her comedy content creation skills, she not only makes people laugh but also leaves them wanting more.

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Dolly Singh

With her witty humor, she creates videos that take a toll on patriarchal society.

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Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush is a content creator. His comedy timing is great, and he consistently delivers humorous content that netizens enjoy.

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Mallika Dua

Malika Dua has made Delhi girls popular among netizens. Her humor is creating viral content on Instagram.

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Shibani Bedi

She mostly creates content that is unusual and related to an Indian household.

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Supriya Joshi

She is a content creator and Standup comedian. Her attitude and sarcastic tone make her "Superwoman."

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Gaurav Gera

He mostly creates iconic characters like Chutki, Rachna Aunty, and many more. He creates comedy vines on Instagram.

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Yuvraj Dua

He creates content that is over the top funny. With passing sarcasm he well explain the truth leaving the audience in laughs

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