Top Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2023

01. Right Inbox

The first extension on the list is Right Inbox. Right Inbox claims to be the #1 email productivity tool for Gmail, with more than 250,000+ professionals that have added Right Inbox to Gmail.

02. Grammarly

The most popular extension by far, Grammarly has 10 million users and helps writers with writing tasks. The software will make sure your messages are clear and mistake-free.

03. Wappalyzer

There are many reasons to use Wappalyzer. It tells you what technologies your website is using, but it also tells you the technology used on other websites for research purposes.

04. SEO Quake

There are a lot of SEO extensions out there, but a highly useful one is SEO Quake. This tool will help you analyze any web page for link structure and keyword density.

05. Check My Links

Check My Links is used to find broken links on websites and emailing the website’s administrators about them.

06. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is the best screen-capture tool on Chrome Web Store. It’s not only useful for grabbing an area of your desktop or web page

07. Similar Sites

The Similar Sites extension helps you find websites that are similar to the one you’re currently on. If your site is about new technology, for example, it shows you who else has a website like yours.

08. HTTPS Everywhere

EFF and the Tor Project have created an extension called HTTPS Everywhere that automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS.

09. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is an indispensable extension for any marketer or anyone in charge of writing content. With this extension, you can double-click any word to see its definition.

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