Virginia Teacher Shot By 6 Year Old Student

By: TheQuickStory

Student at Virginia Elementary school used a gun to shot his teacher.

Source: Google


He got this gun from his residence and put it in his backpack before going to school.

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Student of Richneck Elementary School took 9mm handgun to school which was brought up by her mother legally in York County.

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Drew said previously it was not accidental and reiterated that it wa a deliberate shooting on Monday  but than he said “It was Intentional”.

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American school teacher Abby Zwener was shot and injured friday afternoon around 2 PM.

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She was teaching First grade Classroom on January 6, 2023.

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It is not understood that how the boy managed to get hold of the weapon.

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Gregory said her son is, “Still in Shock” and has Nightmares from the shooting.

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