Yeti Airline Crashes

Yeti Airline Crashes

By: TheQuickStory

Flight departed from Kathmandu airport and before arriving to Pokhara International airport it crashed.

Yeti Airlines loses control before crashing in Pokhara.

Nepal With its mountainous surroundings has a history of lots of air crashes.

It crashed into a river George near the banks of the Seti river. The aircraft 9N ANC ATR-72 was destroyed.

Crashing into the mountains caused it to catch fire.

Total passenger in flight was 72 : 67 dead ,5 were Indians.

There were five Indians, 57 Nepalis, four Russians, two South Koreans, and one passenger from each of Argentina, Ireland, Australia, and France among the 72 passengers, according to Reuters.

Pushpa Kamal, the Nepali Prime Minister, called an emergency meeting and set up a panel to investigate the incident.

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